So.  Once again I found something I want.  Surprise surprise.



Free People came out with this amazing top, pictured above.  As much as I like it, I would like it more if it was a longer classic t-shirt style.

I have lace, I have white yarn, let’s do this.Untitled-9

I made a basic tee out of a super stretchy lace.


I drafted out ‘REBEL’ with pins so I had an idea of placement and size.


I stitched a basic running stitch so I could loss the pins and focus on thickening the verbiage.


After i perfected the running stitch, I looped the yarn around the letters to create a thick font.




Day/Work Look.  This would also be killer with some Chucks…

Free People Seamed Metallic Skinny Pants, Leather and Fur Hat, Jeffrey Campbell Studded Boots.


Night Look.

Pleasure Doing Business Skirt, Christain Louboutan, Assorted Bangles from Pakistan.

What’s Your Fantasy?

I am starting to notice a theme this year for Halloween; all of my girlfriends are choosing ‘classic little girl’ costumes.  I want to be a ballerina, my girlfriends want to be Ariel, hula girls, Alice, Jasmine, etc.

My Ballerina Inspiration:


My Ballerina Costume:

ballerina board

Still need:

Light Pink Satin Ties for Legs, Nude Fishnets

My Geisha Inspiration:


My Little Red Riding Hood Inspiration:LRH

I figured since I will be celebrating the ‘Role Play’ Holiday for more than one night, I might need a few costumes…

Arrghh You Ready to Role Play?

It is my favorite time of year again!  Holiday Time!  Wahoo!  Almost every week until the end of the year there is something to look forward to, starting with per-Halloween parties!  To kick off autumn several friends and I attended a pirate themed weekend on Catalina Island.  Since our group was predominately male I was in charge of making costumes.1185204_493658950730770_1952462219_n1375163_493662740730391_1881724306_n  1379319_493659397397392_1224418465_n1385109_493659430730722_659437106_nUnfortunately we may have been a little too intoxicated to get full outfit photos.

Farewell Summer…or Maybe Not?

So apparently summer ended on the 22nd of September.  However on the beach in Southern California we only have one season: summer.  That’s cool and all but I really miss the distinct changes in seasons.  Granted the wind speed has slightly increased it is still kinda difficult to get in the fall spirit.


Fall Decor Inspiration:


Fortunately for me I can’t get enough of summer!  I guess I can at least change my bikini colours to blacks, earth tones, and muted prints instead of neons, ginghams, and florals to get in the fall mood🙂.


Cut it Off!

I am obsessed with cutoff shorts.  I could wear them every single day.  Not only are cutoffs a great way to recycle jeans but they are so versatile that you can wear them for practically any occasion!


So I recently realized that I am missing a specific shade of denim cut-offs from my collection, bleached out blue!  How could I have possibly not had this shade of denim.


After looking over my one-too-many pairs of denim shorts I just couldn’t bare to change any of them.  So instead I grabbed my only pair of denim skinny jeans by 7 for all Mankind and took the scissors to them.  I may have a cut-off problem…

Whenever I make cut-offs I try to give them some shape/style so they have a better fit and look a little extra special opposed to cutting them str8 across.  I like to make them longer in the back to cover most of my ass and curve the cut in the front to add shape.  I have a variety of other methods that I will eventually post.  But this is how I cut the ones in question.  Very important disclaimer: when cutting, just cut a little at a time to avoid chopping off too much.  Remember you can keep cutting off but you can’t put it back.

 two Untitled-1

Achiving the desired colour:  I wanted to make sure to bleach these right so I referred to none other than youtube for some advice.  At least 90% of the tutorials I watched said the bleaching would take about 6+ hours.  So I made sure to do this during the day when I had plenty of time.  Most tutorials did not state the hydro temp; at FIDM we learned that if you use hot water in combination with cotton it opens up the fibers and allows more colour to penetrate.  So i made an equal part boiling hydro and bleach and throw the shorts in.  As I was making sure the shorts were fully saturated with the wash I noticed they were already drastically changing colour.  Instead of leaving them, as were my original intentions, I stood there for a max of 8 minutes as my shorts were completely bleached to light perfection!  I don’t understand how the tutorialists soaked their denim for 6+ hours without the garment completely dissolving.

After you reach your desired shade, throw these into the washer and let air dry for the first time.





Over a decade ago my mom bought me this very nice wicker couch.  Over time it has faded from a shiny chestnut brown to a nice shade of rotting decay.  Below you can kinda see the ‘before’ couch.


Before I began updating my patio I had a distinct colour palette in mind.  Inspired by the sea, I wanted turquoise to be the dominate colour in my new Secret Spot.

colour palette

Let the painting begin!


I went through about six cans of spray paint and could have easier used another two.


(I don’t typically spray paint in heels but I was doing this at work before my work day started.)

I found the perfect dark magenta throw pillows at Home Goods to complete my Secret Spot.  Yay.


Now I just need to update my flower pots…

My Secret Spot

I acquired this super radical ottoman with full intentions to clean it up…five years later I did just that.



ottoman 2  ottoman bwottoman

I still have a lot of work to do to make my secret little spot awesome.  The colour scheme I am going for includes black/white with a light turquoise and magenta.  The space will be a prefect harmony of bohemian meets classic chic.  I am pretty stoke on this project.  To bad I can’t spray paint in my complex…


Spray Paint Wicker Couch

Paint Flower Pots

Find Magenta Throw Pillows

Get a Cool Outdoor Rug

Celebrate with a bottle of vino, preferable a Sauvignon Blanc or a floral Pinot Grigio.


Mr. Cagney

So, the other day I was hanging out with a few of my neighbors and found out some fun facts about my new complex.  As suspected it used to be a hotel back in the 60’s/70’s.  The pool area/clubhouse/gym used to be a restaurant that also accommodated room service.  My building name is Cagney which is apparently the name of the actor who owned the property.

James Cagney“A totally natural reaction once I began to see undisciplined elements in our country stimulating a breakdown of our system… Those functionless creatures, the hippies…just didn’t appear out of a vacuum.” -Cagney

Apparently Mr. Cagney did not care for hippies…he probably wouldn’t have liked me very much.


Club House

Entrance to our Club House.


The landscaping is gorgeous!  There are so many cute little flowers scattered all over the grassy knolls!


Front Entrance.

back door

Back Entrance.

Slow and Steady…ugh

So we (we=mainly me) have made a little bit of progress on unpacking.  I can finally see our patio!  I am at the point now where I am just donating anything that is in my way.  I have already taken two (SUV) car loads to Goodwill.  It feels really good to get rid of possessions even though I don’t want to.  I feel a little more liberated.


By far my favorite part of our new home is our “front door” handle.  It has these massive faceted crystals with gold accents.  Our new complex has a very French feel to it, not to mention it is called Versailles!


Our old neighborhood in HB was either started to get a little too ghetto for us or we had just realized it was a little too ghetto which prompt our move to a different location.  At our old house if anything was left outside it would be stolen (bikes, scooter, etc), our cars would get broken into, ghetto birds would be flying weekly, and there was a double homicide in front of our complex.  But it was an amazing place with great people and I miss it…anyways!  Our new location is on lock!  You have to go through two/three gated/locked check points before you even get to the front door!  We feel so much safer in this complex even though the Home Owner’s Association are animal haters😦.



Each day I just look outside and get to see the ocean!  If I take a stroll around the corner, I have even better views and awesome beach access.

Newport Beach

Since I am 30 minutes closer to work, I not only get to sleep in longer but Petunia gets to sleep longer too!


I can’t get over this picture, she is so stickin’ cute!  I love her!


Traveling Nomads

My family and I are “Traveling Nomads”.  Every two-four years we would pick up our lives and move to a new state and/or country.  Now that I am an independent young lady, every few years I start to get uneasy and want to move someplace new.

Charles and I have been living in Huntington Beach, CA for almost three years now and we have both been wanting a change of scenery.  We absolutely adore our home and our neighbors but want to move somewhere a little more upbeat and fun.  After two months of competitive, cut-throat rental shopping we have finally locked down a place!  The location makes up for what it lacks in size.  It has been a challenge to move the contents of a two bedroom home into a one bedroom condo.  Thankfully half of the contents are currently listed on craigslist🙂.

Having lived in more than ten places, I can not remember getting this upset about leaving a home.  Maybe because this is the first place I actually picked out and have created so many memories in.  But it is a new chapter in my life that has a shit ton of unpacking in it!  Here are a few moving photos!

Tuna Fish

Tuna Fish

After way too many 20 minute drives down PCH we have all of our shit crammed into our new home :)!


Our kitchen is somewhere over there…


Petunia!  Petunia!  Where are you?

paint roller

I found this adorable teenie tiny paint roller at Home Depot!  Way too cute!


Tuna’s new bed.

newport beach

But it’s all worth when I get to see this view every day!